Gain spiritual guidance, experience past-life regression,  learn from aura reading and re-arrange your life with feng shui...

Decoration & Les Beaux-Arts

Aura Reading, Spiritual Guidance, Past Life Regression, Channeling,  Interior Design, Feng Shui, Meditation, Yoga

Balance the energy in your home, your office, your body & your life

Change Your Life -Roslyn is an aura Reader & Life Coach and she brings results. Overcome blocks, pain, addiction, fear and stress in your life. Build healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Color and Feng Shui - Improve the energy flow of your rooms to balance with your aura energy for happiness, health & success

Past Life Regression - Going back to past lives can help you understand why you are fearful, why you stay in unhealthy relationships and if you have been together before

Heal Your Body with Chakra Healing - The colors of your aura identify difficulties such as pain, depression and illness

Channeling - Clairvoyant drawing of your aura Psychic Medium - Crossing over to the other side Yoga and Meditation - Relieve stress and learn to listen to your inner voice

Home Decorating - Create a unique space to suit your family's lifestyle Feng Shui Interior Design - Arrange your furniture and accessories to improve the flow of energy Feng Shui and the Aura - Find out why you create chaos & clutter

Work Design - Transform your workspace into a place that promotes productivity Feng Shui - Identify how to enhance your creativity and attract more work Spiritual Guidance & Life Coach - Find the work you love & be successful

Parties: Gather your friends together for Psychic Aura Readings to celebrate holidays and birthdays or simply bring a group of friends together for coffee or tea

Roslyn uses her clairvoyant ability and her understanding of psychology to give compassionate guidance.


Roslyn Karpel, President of  DECORATION &LES BEAUX-ARTS, Inc.

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Sample of an Channeled Aura As Interpreted by  Roslyn