Frameworks are widely used nowadays. Back then, every coder out there had to start from scratch. Now, building web applications are much faster and easier with frameworks. Frameworks are designed to aid coders and programmers to design websites quickly and efficiently.

Save a tremendous amount of time. Developers would just have to re-use modules to code instead of starting a new one every time. For example, instead of spending 2 to 3 days creating an authentication module, all that needs to be done is calling a module. These frameworks contain many pre-built functions and can be done within minutes.

Saves cost. The reason being all the frameworks available are totally free. The final cost of building the website will cost less. Even though it is free, it doesn’t mean that these frameworks aren’t of good quality. It is pretty much the same except the fact that it is much faster and more efficient to use.

Unlimited support. Most of the frameworks come with their own documentation, support teams that are usually available 24/7 and also their own support forums where users can discuss problems or anything related to the framework.

Tight security. All these frameworks usually have big security implementations. If you ever discover any problem with the framework, you can contact the team so it can be fixed. The team are usually made up of individuals that are long-term testers.

Integrations are allowed. Developers are allowed to link the codes with other tools such as databases or even Content Management Systems (CMS).

In conclusion, though it is not necessary to use frameworks, you can always consider playing around with the frameworks as it is important to be updated with the latest technologies. Some of the web design Malaysia agencies uses frameworks, but some of them start their websites from scratch.